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National Foundation for Judicial Excellence
About the National Foundation for Judicial Excellence

The National Foundation for Judicial Excellence was incorporated in October 2004 and has 501(c)(3) charity status.  NFJE joins bar associations, law schools, think tanks and other non-profit organizations that strive to strengthen and preserve the civil justice system.  Its mission is to:

Address important legal policy issues affecting the law and civil justice system by providing meaningful support and education to the judiciary, by publishing scholarly works and by engaging in other efforts to continually enhance and ensure judicial excellence and fairness for all engaged in the judicial process

To carry out its mission, NFJE will host an Annual Judicial Symposium each summer In addition, NFJE will publish scholarly works and engage in other activities to continually enhance the rule of law and the administration of justice.


NFJE has four Officers and twelve Board Members.  The Officers and Board Members, along with NFJE’s staff, are active in the work of NFJE’s committees which include Ethics, Fundraising, Governance, Program Content, Public Relations, Publications, and Visionary.